Charlemagne's Kingdom

Alpine Model Railroad Museum

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Welcome to Germany in Miniature

Charlemagne’s Kingdom, an Alpine Model Railroad Museum in the Georgia Mountains, features HO Scale German Model Railroads, in a 50 foot exhitbit that depicts the various terrain and architecture of Germany. As an example of Alpine art it is a unique combination of imagination and craftsmanship, the product of the talents of Willi and Judi Lindhorst. Charlemagne refers principally to the German lands which were ruled by the Frankish King in the 700s. This exhibit is really a marvelous Alpine Model Railroad depicting a modern Germany from “The North sea to the Alps.” It is truly a work of art and is the result of Willi’s love of his homeland, its people, trains, architecture, industry, customs and culture. (Not only that, but Willi can trace himself as a lineal descendant of Charlemagne!)

Visitors will find this HO scale model railroad, with hundreds of feet of railroad track, a masterpiece of detail and action that blends well with the Alpine theme of Helen. A high quality sound system plays German music and authentic sound effects to add to the atmosphere. The crowning piece of the multi-featured land-scape is the 22 ft. high “Matterhorn”, built over a framework with more than 300 gallons of plaster sculpted into its “icey” slopes.

The front of the building has a large mural representing the great Emperor Charlemagne in the trappings and surroundings of his day. It was painted by Mahler in 1995.

While you are here, watch the Glockenspiel in the Gingerbread House. See six wooden carved German Dancers, 4 feet tall, in colorful custom dress, Marching and Dancing to German Music, Three Times Each Day… Noon, 3, and 6 p.m.!!


The largest Alpine Model Railroad museum
400 Feet of Railroad Track with computerized trains
Alpine Village with Moving Cable Cars
Lighted Cities, Towns & Villages
Octoberfest with Motorized Carnival Rides
Seaport, Lakes, Rivers
Moving Hot Air Balloons
Three Ring Circus Tents
22 Foot High Mountains
Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Sounds & Music from our in house speakers
Autobahn with Moving Cars and Trucks
Thousands of Hand Painted Figurines
Handicap accessible
Pets welcome

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